Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Brayden turns 3!


Brayden will be turning 3 on August 13th, yes it's Friday the 13! My mom was born on a Friday the 13th and usually has no bad luck, so I'm sure Brayden will be just fine. :) We went up this past weekend for Nikki's 10yr. HS reunion @ PHS. It was fun and great to catch up with old friends! We also got to spend the weekend with Nikki's fam up in Indy. It was really nice. Nikki's parents and sis gave Brayden a couple early birthday presents while we were in Indy eventhough they are coming up for his birthday. Some gifts are meant to stay at Mamaw & Papaw's. So, here are a few pics to document the trip...I will post pics of his actual b-day party later when it happens next week.

Jamie (Barr) Jines & Me... Jamie and I went to Rhoades Elementary and lost contact after 6th grade and found eachother again spring semester Sophmore year @ PHS.

Jamie (Barr) Jines, some chic I don't know, Bridget (Bower) ?unsure of new last name, et moi!

Jamie and I talking again. This photographer there took tons of pics of us which was a little creepy.

Brayden took Kyle for a ride in Brayden's new mustang - a gift from Mamaw & Papaw.

Brayden loved it soo much! You could tell he had the need for speed!...all of maybe 5 mi/hr. :)

There were lots of buttons to he pushed them. :)

What's under the hood?

I let Brayden pic out his own birthday cake (that I'm going to make). We went to Schnuck's for a little grocery shopping. I went to the cake isle and said, "Brayden, what kind of birthday cake would you like?" He said, "chocolate." I said, "what color icing?" Brayden said, "Blue with sprinkles." I then went to the candle section and asked, "would like birthday candles or the number 3?" He responded, "Three, three. I want the Three right there!" So, I will be making 9" round double layer chocolate cake with blue icing (vanilla tinted blue with food coloring) and multi-colored sprinkles with the number 3. I figured Brayde was old enough to make the decision on his own birthday cake. He's been sooo excited about it that he keeps telling everyone about it. So sweet! I'm sure it's really special to him.
-Nikki B.